Monday, April 18, 2011

Rain, mud and re-stumping

No, it's not a catchy new country music tune ... unfortunately it's the state of play on our block at present. The entire area under and surrounding our house has been turned into a huge mud-pit. Surprisingly this is not conducive to re-stumping, so we have to sit out this rain and pray that the site dries up soon. The boys of course think it's rather fun, and we have had a few "accidental" falling into the mud incidents ... sadly I'm not a fan of soaking and scrubbing, but having to do more than my fair share of it lately!

In other news, it was exciting to show off our house to family and friends last weekend. We ceremoniously escorted the troops up a ladder into the house, and no doubt bored them with the details of our renovation plans as we took the grand tour. No-one but the owners could get excited about re-using ceiling boards on the walls, surely? I definitely sensed more enthusiasm for the project than I was expecting though, and the encouragement was nice actually!

Anyone know a good anti-rain dance?

x M

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Two becomes one!

With much relief, I can report that the house has now been put back together (rather like a large jigsaw puzzle) and is no longer in two sections. Phew! Unfortunately it is still balancing - precariously, if you ask me - on a combination of metal stands and timber supports. I refuse to let the boys walk under the house until it is properly stumped, which should be by Friday if the Sunshine Coast continues to live up to it's name! Some before and after pics below ...

x M
Before - two sections

After - happily reunited!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Keep Calm and Renovate On ...

I had a very strange reaction to the house arriving on site last week. For months now I have been focussing on the arrival of the house and how exciting it would be. I've daydreamed of the final product and know the colours we will paint it, and even where the furniture will be placed and the artwork will hang!

When it happened though, I honestly felt completely overwhelmed by the enormity of the task ahead. I was fully prepared for a little anxiety, but the total trepidation and doubt took me by surprise. The reality of such a run-down old home on our block made my visions of furnishing the house seem premature at best, and ridiculous at worst!

We have had many people tell us we are crazy for doing this, including the neighbours who I am sure we are going to have to invite over for many afternoon teas before they will be comfortable with the idea! (Luckily I have perfected my home-baked scones lately). But even with all the doubt from other people we have stayed strong in our conviction ... we have always wanted to do this.

I wonder whether other people experience a similar fear when faced with their dreams becoming reality?

Thankfully all it took to shake me out of it was an impromptu party on site (in the rain and mud) with some amazing and supportive friends .. and hey presto, I am back to feeling excited and planning the window dressings (curtains? blinds?)! A husband who is bursting to start work and is so confident that we are doing the right thing goes a long way to helping me relax about it too ... which is good, considering he will be the one strapped to the tools for the next few months!

For now I will keep breathing, stay calm, and focus on the end result ... in the words of my husband "Let's just enjoy this!".

x M

The new arrival

We finally have a house (of sorts) on our block! It's quite surreal to see it there after months of imagining this moment.

We were all up bright and early (actually, it was still completely dark) on Thursday morning to see the first half of the house arrive. We got to the block at about 4:45am and the house was already there. The boys were very excited to see all the trucks and flashing lights and workmen. I love that this will be an exciting memory from their childhood to look back on in the future and I hope that process will make them feel "connected" to our new home.

It really was the most unbelievable sight! I still can't quite get my head around the logistics of how a whole house can be moved, but it went so smoothly and the team were complete professionals.

Luckily it was a fine day so the mud was not too much of an issue, but unfortunately our luck didn't hold and we spent a sleepless Thursday night listening to monsoonal rain ... I was convinced they would delay moving the second (larger) section of the house. But at 6:30am we were greeted by the sight of it perched at an odd angle in the mud!

In some ways it looks larger than we were expecting it to look, and in other ways it looks so tiny and completely run-down. We definitely had a few "what are we doing???" moments, but the vision we have for the house is firmly fixed in our minds and we are determined to enjoy the project.

Here are some photos of the big move - apologies for the quality, in my defence it was dark and VERY early!

x M

The first section of the house arriving

 Manouvering down the slope onto the block

Such awe - I'm sure I had a similar look on my face!

 Excited boys

 Little boy, big truck!
 I thought the red fairy lights were a nice touch!

 The second half of the house on site

 No need for airconditioning at the moment! This is the front door and hallway ... oh my goodness.

 The house is not yet in it's final position. You currently have to leap from the lounge across to the kitchen area in the other "wing"!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

One more sleep!

Tomorrow morning at 6am we will literally have half a house on our block! Talk about home delivery. We have had the site cleared and surveyed, and it is all ready for the truck with it's precious cargo. The rest of the house will come tomorrow night - at midnight, it's like a stealth mission!

I thought I would post some final photos of the land before the big day.

Stay tuned for photos tomorrow!

x M