The Claddagh Doorknocker

To explain the title of this blog, in October 2010 we visited the UK for a rather impromptu 5 week family holiday. At this stage, we knew we wanted to buy an old Queenslander to relocate, but hadn't yet found the right one.

While visiting friends in Ireland, we made the trip to nearby Blarney Castle ( Yes, we did kiss the Blarney Stone (not sure Darren needed any help in the eloquence department!). It was quite a bizarre feeling to be upside down and leaning backwards from the top of a castle - it felt much higher than it really was. Being vertically challenged, I only managed to touch the stone with my nose ... not sure what that means in terms of the stone bestowing the gift of eloquence!

At a gorgeous gift store near the castle which stocked all things Irish, we bought cliche little leprechaun things for the boys, and a GORGEOUS brass Claddagh doorknocker. Talk about purchasing the doorknocker before the house! But we knew it would remind us of our special trip and wonderful friends in Ireland every time we open our front door, and we have been looking forward to the day we can hang it ever since. At least we now have the house to go with the doorknocker!

x M