Tuesday, July 12, 2011

The house sans-roof

Here it is - our roof-less house. The sunshine beaming into all the rooms is actually quite lovely, but the thought of rain makes me shudder ... and apparently it is coming tomorrow.

We've actually had a bit of a setback this week. The roof trusses have been sitting on site for a few weeks now and were lifted on to the roof on Monday, only for the carpenters to find out the measurements were ALL WRONG! We were hoping for the roof to be finished (colourbond and all) by the end of next week, however it's now looking like the week after next. All of the trusses have to be re-made and then craned up again ... luckily it was the truss company's error, so they will be paying for the additional crane hire. Which is not cheap, I may be in the wrong business!

Anyway, the boys managed to get the new walls for the dining, living and kitchen all stood at the back of the house, and they also put all of the new posts to the front verandah in. So all in all it's not been a completely wasted week.

I'm off to keep praying for continued sunshine ...

 One very large skylight in the lounge - quite a nice view really!

The back of the house, looking down from the top level of scaffolding.

The dining room (from the kitchen)

Back of the house (dining on left)

Living area (bifold doors to the deck on the right, and the internal stairwell is at the far end)

Living area leading out to the deck

New posts to the front entry and verandah.

x M

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Extreme alfresco

I am so grateful for all of this beautiful winter sunshine we've had lately, because my poor little house is currently without roof or CEILINGS! Not a thing between the floorboards and the open sky. We are taking alfresco living to the extreme ... it's just how we roll here on the Sunshine Coast!

I don't suppose I'm fooling anyone with these flippant comments - clearly I'm trying to hide the fact that I am a wee bit stressed about the house being so exposed right now. Honestly if it started raining I would be tempted to go around to the house with a car load of umbrellas and tarps to protect it.

I haven't even taken any photos this week (an unprecedented occurence), I think because I'm not sure I want reminders of this stage of the renovation. But honesty will win out and I know I will be around there taking photos in the morning - if only so that I can be amazed by the "before and afters" when the roof is finally raised again.

So much of the house seems to have been removed recently that we have started to wonder this week why we bought it in the first place. I think some of those comments from concerned friends, family and even the odd stranger have come back to haunt us. So many people think that we should have just built a brand new replica Qlder from scratch. But that wouldn't have been the point for us - we so wanted the history, and the authenticity and charm of an older home.

And we are reminding each other that most of the materials that have been taken down will be recycled back in if at all possible (all of the ceiling vjs will be re-used on the walls of the new rooms), so really it is just a temporary stage of the house looking bare and open.

I have a feeling this will be a big week of progress at the house - fingers crossed!

x M

Monday, July 4, 2011

Now THAT's a deck!

Our carpenters, Danno and Luke, have been hard at work this past week and have managed to really get the back deck happening. And I have to say, it is HUGE! It looks so much bigger than we (I) was expecting. But being Queensland I know that we will spend most of our time out there eating, entertaining, playing and chillaxing (Darren's word of the moment).

There has been much "man talk" amongst the carpenters, Darren, and his mates about the deck as work has progressed. Future get-togethers have been planned, as have deck furnishings ... including lounges, piped gas heating, dual-opening fireplaces, swivelling wall-mounted televisions, integrated sound systems and the all-important BBQ area (it's nice to dream boys!). In fact I wouldn't be surprised if invitations have already been secretly sent out for a deck-christening party ...

With all this secret men's business I fear the deck is in danger of becoming a "man-zone", so I am quickly stamping my femininity on the area with plans for fairy lights (oh yes), hanging cane chairs, and beautiful scatter cushions. Let the battle for the deck space begin!

Seriously though, it already feels like a fantastic space and I know that we'll have some memorable times on this deck. Below are some photos taken yesterday. Since then the posts on top of the deck have been raised and the roof has all but gone (but that's another post entirely!).

 Looking towards the kitchen (on the right) and
the future dining room (the empty space to the left)

There will be bi-fold doors the length of the right-hand section of the house.

The red iron roof in the picture above is no longer there!
It's very alfresco right now.

View of the deck in progress from the living area / kitchen.
Yes, that is my child up a ladder waving to the camera (daddy is hovering somewhere nearby).

Already enjoying the deck!

x M