Monday, August 1, 2011

Taking shape

So much has been happening at the house, and in life in general, that I have sadly neglected this blog. But hopefully a bunch of progress photos will let me off the hook a little! I have been in full event management mode, with work events to plan and a Batman party for a certain 5yr old. We also have a 3rd birthday and Darren's 40th (sorry babe, 21st!) coming up in the next couple of weeks. Life is busy!

On the house front, the roof is finally on - happy dancing all round! It is such a relief to have the house (relatively) waterproof at last. The roofing company do have to come back to fix up some scratches and a few imperfections, but essentially it is done and looking fabulous. I LOVE the colour, which is a good thing considering the size and prominence of the roof. We had a colour disaster on a previous house - the whole thing was painted in a hideous pinkish colour. Certainly not what we had chosen and thankfully repainted fairly quickly, but it has made me a tad nervous about colour selections ...

I have to make a decision on the external paint colours this week, so that we can paint the top level before the scaffolding is removed. My little men and I are off to collect paint samples today - wish me luck!

The internal wall framing is all complete now, so we have a real feel for how we will live in the space. The original vj's we removed will be re-used on the new frames, then sanded and painted in the next few weeks. And excitingly half of the upstairs windows have also been installed. They look beautiful, and I'm so pleased we decided to go with cedar windows. Darren and Matt worked hard to put the windows in, and despite a small incident with a falling window and a power tool, they did a brilliant job of it! It's hard to get a good photo of the windows as the scaffolding is still up.

A huge thank you to friends who will work under tough conditions and all for love - you know who you are x

So without further ado, here are some progress pics:

 The servery waiting to be installed.

Cheeky resident magpie family!

 So much fun to be had with off-cuts

 Daddy's little helper

Installing the first window in the guest room

Splashback fixed window in the kitchen

We have the builders on site for the last week this week, and then it all comes down to Darren to get it finished!

x M


  1. How wonderful its looking cant help but feel a tad envious its so huge lol This is from a woman living in a 4 bedder with hubby 5 grandkids and a 16yr old son and in suburbia who is desperate for acres of land and a large farm house.I am loving following your journey I shall know who to come to for the do's and donts when I win the lotto lol

  2. Your boys look like they are having the best time. The windows are gorgeous and cannot wait to see that scaffolding down and your paint choices on show. I changed my mind (again) about our exterior paint colour and have been mixing up a few different greys. melx

  3. Wow, love those windows! ;-)